Monday, April 7, 2008

I drink your milkshake!

I am really into garlic soup lately. Soup soup soup.
You know what has got to be the best food reference in cinema history? In 'There Will Be Blood', when Daniel Day Lewis is looking totally ferocious and drunk. Which is most of the film, actually. But when he's in the cafe? 'I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE. I DRINK IT UP!' Followed by loud aggressive slurping of said shake. What a whammy!
This is a soup I love. It sounds weird maybe, a water-based soup, but it is actually very filling and full-bodied.
Find a stooge to peel you forty cloves of garlic. Finely chop. Actually it doesn't need to be TOO fine. Coarse sea salt fine. Heat a half cup olive oil in a heavy pot, add garlic and brown, stirring. Add a teaspoon or so of chile pepper flakes, less if you don't like spicy foods. Add a lot of boiling water, maybe 10 cups. A hefty splooge of salt. Simmer. While that is happening, make some croutons by cubing white bread, good thick sliced bread, and shimmy in a hot pan with butter or olive oil, yet more garlic (pressed) and salt. When 'tons are nice and browned, turn off heat and let sit. Poach egg for 2.5 minutes in simmering soup. Ladle a bowl of soup. Egg floats on top. Sprinkle handful of croutons on top. Eat. It's simple but absolutely delicious and very easy and quick as long as you get that stooge.
I made these chickpea flour pancakes, well crepes more, the other day at Kyp's house. Any one know what they are called, I forget, something middle-easterny no doubt. With roasted eggplant, peppers, feta, cilantro. Super yum. This got me to musing though, about flours in general. Chickpeas are of course beans. Do they make other bean flour??? How would they taste? I imagine kidney beans are too rich maybe, like, the batter kidney beans would make would be kind of like cement. Pinto beans might work. Lima beans?? Green! I see St. Paddy's Day visions of lima bean fritters! I think I'll fool around with this and report.

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Anonymous said...

Lima bean dough. I don't. . . I don't know if my brain knows what to do with that. Though the holiday possibilities are nearly limitless. Lima bean pie crusts + random red filling = Christmas Pie?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.