Friday, April 18, 2008

quickly, before Sergio

I am overseas at the moment so I can't really blog much, this week and the following two - so let me just put down some quick ob.s' before Sergio in the chair next door starts coughing pointedly and I have to leave the office;
1. Italian bread. What the fuck??? Emerging from the Mt Blanc tunnel, out of France where for all its' faults the bread is sans rapproche, we stop at the Autostrada. I get a sammitch. the filling is delicious, but what is this saltless gummy FLUFF it nestles in??? And here in Venice, we get breakfast at the hotel? It's this sweet oily mess that vaguely reimagines a croissant through a Dunkin Donuts drivethru. Who ARE these people????
2. Vegetarian lasgane. I have seen the light. INDIVIDUAL PORTIONS, RE-BAKED. With a dousing of white wine cream and gruyere. Broiled. Unfuckingbelievable.
Ok here come the Italian Bros, I have to go. More as soon as the wilds of Croatia will permit, next week.


Skhudronzhoglo said...

(This is Mr. Big talking.) Don't you know that in Italy, the amount of salt in bread increases from North to South? No salt AT ALL in the north. The idea is, you just use it to mop up the salty sauce.

"Bob" said...

I'm pretty sure the salt in bread thing has something to do with Catholic oppression. I can't remember the story though. I'll have to ask Amy when she wakes up... (It's like a hot summer daty here and she's napping.)

"Bob" said...

Amy says it has to do with a Vatican tax on salt, some time back in the day. In the poor north, they just stopped using salt in their bread and they never started again. That's why north Italian bread is so shitty.