Monday, May 5, 2008

little fluffy lambs

There was a large gap in posts, unfortunately, because Internet - well, computers - were pretty much absent in Romania.
Safely ensconced back in Brooklyn, I can only begin now to process the mindboggling assortment of lamb I just endured. Orthodox Easter in Romania lasts a week, and lamb being the quintessential Spring Food, it appeared with regularity. I really shouldn't say 'endured' because aside from my animal fat consumption being on a par with, say, Andre the Giant, for the most part the lamb I had was excellent. A majority of the most delicious dishes were cooked on a farmshare by the jealous rolling-pin-wielding wife of our jolly aged Romanian host, and oh my god they were amazing. Lamb, not surprisingly in Romania, is at a premium, so every bit of the animal is used, and very immediately locally sourced - like, from 20 feet away. One of my favorite dishes Jealous Wife made was a simple soup, which I believe was
lamb stock, lightened with chicken stock - maybe 4 cups of each
4 cups water
a whole head mashed garlic
juice 3 lemons
a half bunch minced parsley
a half bunch minced coriander
bring to a boil, simmer for 10 minutes, whisk in a cup of sour cream, thinned with cream. Salt.
Pour over a big soup pot of roasted bone-in lamb chunks, hacked into relatively small pieces.
Serve with a thick slice of fresh white peasant bread - you know, the dense, undersalted kind - and a long green hot pepper. Not jalepeno, the milder kind, but of a similiar appearance.
Eat, taking a successive bite of pepper, soup with meat, and bread. The springiest, most lovely soup. Rich and delicate simultaneously.
She also made a simple but refreshing and addictive sauce, served with plain boiled spring potatoes.
10 cloves mashed garlic.
1 cup Greek yogurt.
Half cup rich milk.
Blended well, Not in a blender, obviously. Just get the garlic really pureed in a press, then a mortar and pestle first.
I am involved in the moment at researching home wine making, everyone there makes wine, even in cities, and in fact looked at me like I was a complete douche for actually BUYING wine at the store. So now in a quest to save American face I plan on whippin up a bucket in the backyard. Tips appreciated. I don't WANT to have to buy 'Winemaking for Dummies' bu I will if I have to.

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